Monday, January 14, 2013

Post-Christmas "Fallout"

It's January.  It's a time when we get back into our old routine.  Less food, less parties, a little less money in our pockets and a little more weight on our hips.  Forget resolutions.  Who keeps them?  Start right now to make continuous and conscious efforts to lose the weight, pay off debt, and save for next years Christmas gifts.  Here are some suggestions;

Make Decisions
Decide what you really want.  Are you interested in saving money and paying off debt?  Write it down.  Later on, when you feel like quitting, read this to remember why you started.

Track it!
Keeping track of what you eat and the money you spend each day may seem like a monumental and boring task but it's a great way to take control of these areas in your life. 

Realize that you'll need to make some day-to-day changes to make this happen.  You may need to start saying 'no' to impulsive buys, eating out as well as taking a good look at other ways to save money and taking the steps to do so. 

Make it Fun!
Try and have fun with it.  See how much debt you can pay off, how much money you can save for a vacation, or how much weight you can lose.  Everything within reason of course.  Stay motivated by reminding yourself how far you've come.

Any tips to share?  Add them to the comments below.


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